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amazing sculptures to beautify your business space

Sculptures have the artistic ability to represent your business vision, work culture, and lay concrete branding principles for your business. ArtSmiley will design the best sculptures for your business that will effectively communicate the message you want it to. 

Sculptures are greatly used to represent various aspects of society symbolically and portray a subject in a creative and artistic manner. 

We create artistic sculptures that will easily resonate with your potential clients and land an impression on them. 

At ArtSmiley, we make sure that the entire concept, installation and end-to-end services are smoothly done so that your business gets the maximum benefit. We can sit side by side and discuss your interests and vision on what kind of sculpture you are looking for. 

We provide sculptures for both indoor and outdoor purposes, and accordingly the size and material of the sculpture will vary. You can choose from stainless steel, wood, fiberglass, paper, crystal and many other materials for your custom designed sculpture. 

Durable stainless steel sculptures

Our artists at ArtSmiley use stainless steel to mold out beautiful steel art sculptures. The grandeur of a finely carved stainless steel artwork is indescribable. Our steel sculpture will radiate glory in your business space and attract your potential customers.

Revolutionary fiberglass sculptures

In the world of home, garden or office space decoration, fiberglass is the go-to material that instantly draws the attention of art lovers. ArtSmiley will design a custom fiberglass sculpture for your business, one that will portray your vision, tastes and interests. The molten glass gives you the freedom to go wild with your imagination. 

Elegant Styrofoam Sculptures

Want to get that fine detailing, textures, and glaze? It’s ideal to choose a styrofoam sculpture. Easy to mold and 100% recyclable, styrofoam sculptures are artworks of elegance and impeccable versatility. We’ll carve out a charismatic styrofoam sculpture for your business space that’s capable of enticing your customers from the very first glance at it.

Bold and Beautiful Corten Steel Sculptures

The natural patina finish and insane bullish strength of corten steel sculptures is what makes it a natural hit. Art Smiley’s steel sculpture artists use Corten Steel to raise the magnificence of the sculptural artwork. It can be blended to create versatile designs for all metal garden sculptures such as Asterisk, Cocoon, Leaf blades, and much more. Just let us know and we’ll embellish your room with a celestial corten steel sculpture.

Natural wooden sculptures

The versatility and naturality that wooden sculptures provide is something that puts it on top of the chart. Wood can be easily carved, turned and worked to create artistic renditions of a particular subject, person, animal or theme. ArtSmiley offers your business contemporary and amazing wood sculptures that produce a wide range of effects. 

Creative paper sculptures

Modernism is all about progress and invention and paper sculptures are becoming a great means to convey such creative expressions. ArtSmiley creates stunning modern art sculptures using paper to help businesses portray their vision and to reach out to potential customers. You can save a lot on your budget and go for multiple paper sculptures that will represent a common theme across your business space. 

Exquisite crystal sculptures

Do you want a shining, crystal sculpture for accentuating your business space? ArtSmiley will mold an exquisite crystal sculpture that glimmers in the rays of the sunlight and steal the spotlight when placed in your business rooms. You can choose specific crystals that have in-depth meanings to add a personal touch to your sculptures. 

For home:

Beautify your home with modern art sculptures that have the power to captivate your imagination. Home is one place where you always look at decorating and making one room from the other colorful. ArtSmiley offers you a variety of sculptures that will bring warmth and ambience into the corridors of your house. 

For hotel:

Enhance the overall look of your hotel by placing creative sculptures around the space. Sculptures are a great means to telling stories about your hotel through a visual representation. They bring professionalism and dynamics to the otherwise monotonous areas inside your hotel. Our sculptures will truly elevate the mood of your hotel and draw in customers. 

For gardens:

Metal garden sculptures truly light up the place and capture the attention of the on-lookers. ArtSmiley’s sculptures ranging from contemporary, modern, to cartoon ones are a game changer. The entire perimeter of the garden will look great with multiple sculptures sharing the same theme.

For health care:

Sculptures in hospitals and health care centers can beautify the overall appearance of the place. ArtSmiley has custom sculptures that will ease off the nerves of your patients and make them stress free. We have various sculptures that can ignite a sense of calm and peace in the interiors of your hospital.

For real estate projects:

Attract your potential clients by making your office space look completely professional with Art Smiley’s sculpture wood art. We will offer you sculptures that match the entire theme and color palette of your room. Our sculptures are excellent in quality and will last for a long time.