Spread Warmth in Your Home and Business Spaces Take Back Stylish and Classy Wood Decor

It’s natural, evergreen, and trending… the smell ever redeeming!!! 

There’s something about wood that magically compliments the interior of the entire room. The bold and natural color of wood wall decor, its rich tones and dark hues, render an aesthetic that cannot be explained in words.

The most appealing part is that it never gets out of trend. Wooden home decor and creative wood wall art has been embracing the home, office and other commercial interiors of many art-savvy individuals for a long time. 

Various types of wood are used to render unique tonalities, style, and artistic appeal for decor purposes. There’s no substitute for modern wooden wall decor, the warmth that wood decor arouses is something that other decor items can’t do. 

Here at Art Smiley, we make custom wood wall decor and decorative wood items to beautify your office, home, hotel, and every other business space. 

Let the charm arise!

Types of Wood Used For Decor Oakwood

The serene warmth that oak wood generates is why it’s used predominantly for decor purposes. Modern wooden wall decor suits best with oakwood as the elegant texture and fine grains make the woodwork come alive. It’s best used for wooden Christmas decorations and as wooden letters for walls. 

Maple Wood

Want a chic, modern wooden wall decor? The milky hues of maple wood are a great attraction to the eye and compliments your office and home interiors magically? The several variances in maple wood such as birdseye, curly, wavy, and tiger make it an excellent recipient for creative wood wall art.

Teak Wood

Often considered as the king of wood types, teak wood is a great choice for decorative wood items as it’s durable, goes the time, and generates great aesthetic appeal. The natural oils in teak render a great visual appeal and easily compliments interiors of all kinds. At Art Smiley, we use teak wood to craft exquisite wooden home decor and other creative wood wall art items.

Cedar Wood

With cedar wood wall decor, you get plenty of customizing options as there are varieties of cedar wood that offer different hues such as the eastern red cedar and the northern white cedar. A seasoned polish magnifies the appearance of cedar wood and at Art Smiley, we make modern wooden wall decor using cedar wood. 

Other Wood Types

We have woodwork experts who work with various kinds of wood other than the ones mentioned above. Be it pine wood, cherry wood, alder wood, or walnut wood, we have excellent wood decor items that will radiate your room interior. Just let us know which type of wood you want for your decor and we’ll work with that.

Types of Wood Decor

You can choose from the various types of wood decor featured in our prestigious collections. Creative wood wall, wooden letter for wall, wood utensils, etc are some of the types of wood decor that you can choose from. At Art Smiley, we’ll craft the custom wood decor of your choice. Just let us know your requirements.

Awe-inspiring Wood Wall Art Designs

Do you want an awe-inspiring wood wall art that compliments the interiors of your room? With our selection of wood wall art designs, you can vouch for the perfect wood wall decor. The geometric line design is a modern art wooden home decor that renders an artistic touch. Thinking of nature, then we’ve got custom tree-of-life designs and lotus flower designs. Trendy wood slice wall arts are great if you’re a lover of exuberant creativity.

Striking Wooden Letters for Wall

Wooden letters for walls best complement the interiors of coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and various other settings. We use bold hues of coffee-colored wood to craft custom letters that you want to design. You can generate the right aesthetic and feel you want by going for the ideal wood type. Oakwood letter designs are great if you want a lighter look whereas maple wood can generate a sharp contrast.

Decorative Trays

Serve water, coffee, and other dishes in fashionable and decorative wood trays that render a natural vibe. Our prestigious wood tray collections match any setting and easily compliment the tonality of the items that are placed into it. We offer different styles of wood trays such as multipurpose trays, square trays, and tissue box trays. You can choose the wood tray of your choice. 

Intricate Wood Carvings

How about a dragon wood carving or maybe a lion carving? Get your custom favorite wood decor that is carved to perfection. We render intricate textures and detailed carvings to embrace artistic elegance. More compact wood carvings are also featured for a modern aesthetic appeal. When carved with the right wood, these pieces of decor come to life.