How art transforms a mundane
office into a jolly-going
and priority-oriented enterprise!

Sparks, connections, memorable moments –

We all know how art can be quite significant. Art can transform a person, ignite a spark within, and lead to inspiring, intimate moments.

It would be debarring to say ‘quite significant.’ Indeed art plays such an incremental part in our lives, having the power to influence our decisions, control our moods and frequently create a paradigm shift in our minds.

That being said, we don’t have to tell you how artwork is important for office walls. An office very much behaves like an office; official conversations, heavy-duty projects, brainstorming and what not!

Given this conundrum of having to juggle between the important matters of daily office tasks, a little bit of art can light the space up. Not just that, the artworks can play a great role in changing the lives of your employees and customers for the better.

In this blog we’ll cover all the benefits of how customized artworks can transform your workspace from a boring, mundane setup to a jolly-going, priority-oriented enterprise.

The role of art in office design.


Have you ever been a part of a conversation when a gaily, stout man, by all means a professional, embarks saying “The corporate world is such a hot mess.”

Pretty much, in one word, it’s a hot mess. If you would likely pass through the mainstream of any office quarters you would find a lot of hustle-bustle. That’s how it works. You’re either on your toes to get the sales clicking or it’s a bye-bye forever.

This is the predominant reason why art comes into the picture. Inspiring Art eases the nerves, it instigates positive moods in the likes of whom are admiring it. Your employees improve in their performance, adapt to time-stricken work demands and give it their best shot for any ongoing priority.

On the other side, your clients will be impressed by the fabulous wall art, murals, and photographic arts that lay resplendent within the walls of your office.

How businesses and brands are using customized art to build a great presence!

It is clearly evident how brands like Google, Facebook, Pepsi. Co, Nike, Etsy are using creative and illustrative art to propagate their brand messages and build their presence both online and offline. You would immediately associate with the artworks of these big time brands. Nobody would have to tell you that this particular artwork, logo, or mural is of that brand.

It’s an instantaneous connection that you draw with these brands. Similarly, if you walk into the headquarters of Apple’s 5 billion dollar company in Silicon Valley, you will see that the entire compound has artworks, murals, logo themes that resonate around the vision and work culture of Apple.

You would land into a similar experience when you walk into the office of any brand that has built its presence in the market. Their interior decor and wall arts are so in line with the color palette and theme of the room, you get a raw and distinct vibe that cements your mind permanently.

Yes, that’s the kind of impression you want to create while designing your office. Your office must stand out in room aesthetics and branding wherein anyone can easily resonate with the vision of your business.

Now let’s look into 7 ways how customized artwork can benefit your office

  1. Create a welcoming atmosphere

Art and visual imagery have the power to create a welcoming atmosphere. It brightens up the room aesthetics and invites everyone to become a part of the renewing experience. With live wall arts, murals entailing the walls of your office, you can bring in a sense of openness, calm and relaxation. Your employees begin to immediately associate with the artworks on a daily basis, and become comfortable enough to do their daily tasks.

A lot will depend on the kind of office decor and wall arts that you will be going for. By portraying scenic landscapes, the broad outlook of city life, lush green gardens you can create a sense of calm and relaxation in the minds of your employees and clients. You could also go for bold colored artworks, wall arts if you’re an office housing creative heads, say for instance an advertising agency.

2. Communicate your brand message


We have already discussed how important branding is and how artworks can be used to potentially build a brand presence. You can always go for live wall arts and murals that portray the bigger picture. It could even be your favorite theme or style of art. Nevertheless, it is important to create an office that resembles the core vision of your business, work culture and the history of your office.

Artworks that revolve under this theme will indirectly cement your business vision, goals in the minds of your employees and land a great impression on your clients. You can portray wall murals, vinyl stickers, logo designs that pertain to the vision and qualities of your brand, brand founder,…

Let the artwork do the hard work of storytelling. Every piece of wall art, mural, glass printing should communicate the very fabric and essence of your business. Remember to pool in the ideas of your employees before you buy decisive artworks. That will add on to a combined story and give a unique and diverse feel to your brand.

Examples of brands portraying wall arts in their offices pertaining to branding are many. For instance, you can check on MailChimp’s main headquarters. Their entire office theme is clad in the bright shade of yellow that one would popularly see in their online illustrations. This cements the brand in place. This common branding theory is followed by all the leading business giants, traits that have made them who they are today.

The colors used in your artworks play a great role when it comes to branding. Make a statement in your office by choosing wall arts, murals, and graphic designs with colors that resemble the make of your brand. Bright colors like red and orange are associated with energy, passion and fire. In contrast, light shades of blue or green represent calm and harmony.

The bottom line is that the colors and theme of the artwork you choose will lay the foundation to your branding principles. So choose appropriately.

3. Portray sheer professionalism

Portray sheer professionalism, Abstract Art - ArtSmiley

Well, now that you’re pretty much aware of what artwork can do to your office, don’t just go all haywire about it. Portraying a professional outlook of your office is as important as creating an atmosphere and maintaining the branding principles. Be it a potential client or employee who steps into the office, they must feel a sense of professionalism in the office decor and office wall art. 

Brands maintaining class and professionalism have a great work ethic and drive their businesses to success. Make sure that all the meeting areas and main office interiors are clad with high quality wall arts. You can choose from a selection of canvas, acrylic, fine and photo paper arts depending on the feel and vibe you’re looking to create. 

You can have 3D sculptures arounds the space of your office that portray the brand’s message as well as offer a professional outlook. Top quality fiberglass or wood sculptures bring a sense of aura to the corridors of your office space while also depicting the class and style of your office. Office artwork consisting of office mural designs can elevate the overall look of a room to another level.

4. Improve employee mindset and performance

Improve employee mindset and performance, wall Art - ArtSmiley

As the famous quote goes “ It is the process of attracting, developing, and retaining employees until they leave an organization that enhances its capacity to succeed in a competitive world.”

Yes, and given the fact that more and more brands are attracting employees by creating a sustainable, comfortable workplace, businesses should have their offices capable of retaining employees. 

Wall arts portraying scenic landscapes, waterfalls, lush green forests can inspire your employees from within, calming their moods during high volatile work routines and getting the best results. You can include office wall arts that have uplifting themes to always remind your employees that your organization works as a team. 

At the heart of your office decor should be some natural fine paper prints that promptly nurture the creativity and performance spectrum of an employee. You can include abstract arts in your main theme that allow for interpretation and creative thinking. Each person will have their own interpretation of the artwork, giving way for diversity of opinions, which helps build teamwork. It is very wise to have your brainstorming rooms with abstract art as it allows for a collaborative experience. 

Breakout rooms can be decorated with wall murals to give the employees a completely surreal experience, transcending their personality altogether. It could include pictures of the snowy mountain alps, underwater sea corals and fish, and many other inspiring and motivating office wall arts. 

5. Land an impression on your clients

Land an impression on your clients, wall murals - ArtSmiley

First impression is the best impression. You need to ignite a sense of awe and wonder when your clients walk into your office. They must instantly feel the authenticity and originality of your brand from the office artworks and office decor. A thorough and comprehensive planning must take place before any of the artworks are bought. You need to come up with a framework wherein each office room is decorated with the perfect piece of wall art. 

You can have a mixture of wall arts, murals, graphic design, vinyl stickers outlining your office decor. When the office is graced with refreshing and inspiring artworks, all arranged in a professional manner, your clients will be instantly drawn to the vibe and feel of your office.  

You can install a wall mural or interesting graphic design in the clients boarding room to further enhance the visual appeal of the office and win the client’s trust. You can have artworks that demonstrate your brands success and various events, giving your clients an outlook into the real world statistics of your business.

Google reportedly was said to be using warm tones and aesthetic wall arts that have warm colors to motivate and inspire the creators in the room. 

6. Opens a room for dialogue

Opens a room for dialogue, Abstract Art - ArtSmiley

Have you ever had a ‘heart-to-art’ conversation? It’s most likely that you have spent hours in some art gallery glancing at a piece of art, breaking your head to understand the meaning of the abstract art. You could have even been transported to the netherworld admiring a natural landscape wall art. Yes, and art definitely has the power to strike a conversation with the on looker.

That’s why you need customized artworks that are capable of grabbing the attention of your employees and clients and making room for a silent conversation. Historic arts, wall arts portraying different cultures of people, food, animals, geographical regions can instantly start a conversation between the employees. 

7. Play with room dynamics

Play with room dynamics, wall Art - ArtSmiley

Have you ever been in a small shopping complex and felt that the place oddly looked big enough? Yes, optical illusions are possible given that mirrors reflect light and land an impression of a broader space. The same is true with office arts. A wall mural or fine paper print of an aerial view of a mountainous landscape or a waterfall painting makes the dimensions of the room bigger. This occurs as the subject of art being portrayed makes you feel as though you are exactly in that place. 

The surprising fact is that you are still in the same room. But the artwork makes it appear bigger in size. Another way is to create a focal point in your office room that has the potential to draw attention. Minimalizing the artwork around other spaces makes your mind think that the room is bigger. 

ArtSmileyBiz at your service!

Hurray! You have finally understood the seven main benefits of office artworks and office decor. Now it’s time to choose the appropriate artworks for your office. ArtSmileyBiz has a team of professionals who will guide you with your art purchases and make your office look stellar. 

We’re waiting for you.

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