Creating Timeless Impression for Hospitality Industry

Art Smiley Business brings you the transformative power of exquisite art, turning plain walls into captivating masterpieces that breathe life into your most memorable projects. Our carefully curated collection of fine art is a witness to our commitment to quality, offering a range of options that cater to both retail and commercial spaces.

Discover curated artworks for hotels, restaurants, bars, and lounges. Our diverse gallery caters to different budgets, offering photography, paintings, sculptures, sketches, and drawings. Transform your space, adding character and timeless allure. Elevate ambiance with eye-catching pieces that breathe life into every corner, enhancing your establishment’s quality and visual appeal.

What are Corporate Bulk Orders?

Corporate Bulk Orders at ArtSmiley entail large-scale procurement of art prints tailored for businesses. Perfect for sectors like hospitality and interior design, these prints effortlessly enhance aesthetics, fostering a visually engaging environment.

Art Collections

Discover a diverse collection curated for your bulk orders. Our team collaborates with you to create a stunning, authentic reflection of your company’s personality. From offices to lobbies, our offerings include artwork, photography prints, art prints, graffiti, and murals, ensuring a diverse palette for your unique aesthetic preferences. Every piece is more than decor; it’s an investment in an ambiance beyond the ordinary.

Collaborative Approach

At ArtSmiley Business, we recognize that each hospitality project is a unique narrative waiting to unfold. Our team of experts partners with you to understand the intricacies of your vision, ensuring that the art selected harmonizes seamlessly with the identity of your space. We guide the selection process, guaranteeing that the final collection resonates with your taste, style, and the overall atmosphere you wish to create.

Why ArtSmiley?

ArtSmiley is your gateway to quality, affordability, and diversity. We stand out for our commitment to delivering art that aligns with corporate visions and enhances brand identity.

How ArtSmiley Serves Corporate Orders?

Our extensive catalog caters to varied preferences, ensuring a perfect match for every corporate setting. With bulk pricing and customization options, ArtSmiley makes art procurement efficient and cost-effective.



Identifying your requirements and helping you select art that meets them.

Detailed Mock-up:

Send a photo of your wall and we will share a visual of your favorite piece.


Our team will search over a network of artists for any specific art type you are looking for.


Depending on your requirements, we can create customized artwork.


Our team ensures timely production and quality checks.

Other Sectors We Serve

Art Smiley consultant offers unparalleled art consulting and services in the following areas:

Hospitality Art Consulting

Art Smiley has been leading in hospitality fine art consulting for many years. As a result of our experience, we have a depth of knowledge of the industry and a wide network of connections within hotels. The Art Smiley team consists of top-notch art consultants skilled at matching any project.

Residential Art Consulting

Art Smiley is convinced that art contributes to the aesthetics and value of a house. We have extensive expertise in providing art to residences, and Art Smiley offers clients access to leading contemporary artists. Our design team is always up to the challenge of tackling project demand that matches the client's demands.

Multi-Family Art Consulting

The multi-family housing market is growing increasingly important as cities get more crowded. Art Smiley art consultants work with multi-family properties on curating art collections that suit their style.

Corporate Art Consulting

Our art consultants help your business curate an outstanding art collection to change the narrative. Embrace the future of corporate art by saying goodbye to motivational posters.

Healthcare Art Consulting

Our team of art consultants brings beautiful art into healthcare spaces to work with architects, interior designers, facility managers, and administrators. Our team understands how challenging selecting artwork for a healthcare facility.
How Does Artsmiley offer Unique Bulk Art Orders? 
  • Diverse Artistic Offerings
    ArtSmiley stands out in the realm of bulk art orders with its diverse artistic offerings: paintings, sculptures, UV printings, wallpapers, digital art and mixed media. We cater to a wide range of artistic preferences, ensuring a comprehensive selection that suits various tastes and spaces.
  • Expert Consultation for Bulk Projects
    ArtSmiley takes pride in offering expert consultation for bulk projects. Our seasoned art consultants collaborate with clients to understand their unique needs, ensuring that the curated art aligns with the purpose, and identity of the space.
  • Transparent Pricing
    ArtSmiley believes in providing value for every investment, making quality art accessible for bulk projects without compromising on artistic integrity.
  • Quality Assurance
    ArtSmiley excels in maintaining a high standard of quality across all bulk art orders. We maintain consistency in artistic excellence is our commitment to clients seeking bulk art solutions.

Why ArtSmiley for Hospitality Bulk Art Solutions?

Tailored Elegance for Distinctive Spaces

Engage your guests in a world of sophistication with tailored art pieces that harmonize seamlessly with your hospitality venue’s unique character. ArtSmiley specializes in crafting exclusive collections that reflect the essence of your brand, ensuring a memorable and immersive stay for every visitor.

Design-led Approach for Lasting Impressions

In the hospitality industry, the first impression is everything. ArtSmiley collaborates with visionary artists and designers to create captivating art  that resonates with your clientele. Our design-led approach ensures that every piece tells a story in the minds of your guests.

Elevate Guest Experiences

ArtSmiley focuses on sourcing pieces that evoke emotions, inspire conversations, and create a sense of connection. Elevate the overall guest experience through thoughtfully curated art that speaks to the soul.

Fast Delivery

We have more than 10000 artists in our network, so we ensure your bulk order is handled in a timely manner.

The Most Affordable Prices

You get lower rates than the competition with our affordable rates and bulk discounts. Our clients include corporations, resellers, and individuals seeking bulk art purchases. We offer special discounts based on the order amount. 

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