Royal Portrait

Royal Portrait

In the UAE, it is mandatory to showcase Sheikh’s photos for office as a sign of respect and admiration for its rulers. Art Smiley has all the royal portraits of the UAE chief persona, rulers, and those from which every businessman should like to learn. 

The Royal Portraits for Offices are available in various mediums across different sizes and frames. The Dubai Shiekhs portraits for offices are usually canvas prints with floater frames or wooden frames and glass fronts. These portraits can be hung as a part of your decor or as the focal center in personal and commercial spaces.

We customize all royal portrait services to your home or office, and ArtSmiley offers end-to-end services, right from a selection of designs to installation on your walls.

Amazing Collection of Digital Portraits

Our range of digital royal portrait services in UAE collections will fit into any interior, specially curated, considering the guidelines of the UAE Government. Our Digital royal portraits maximize the visual experience of the rulers within the frame with the latest UV digital printing technology. The rulers are brought to life with high-quality prints.

Our portraits are accepted widely by various public offices across all Emirates of UAE. ArtSmiley has a successful track record of supplying these Royal Portraits for Offices to Government entities, hotels, hospitals, offices, Etc. 

Glazing Oil Painted Portraits

Glorify your walls with oil-painted original royal portraits that resemble the sheer quest for power, glory, and conquest of the prestigious rulers of the UAE. The originality of the painting is visible from the underlying brushstrokes and its unique textures. The layers of paint that make up the whole portrait offer the onlooker a dynamic and sensational view.

Eye-catching Acrylic Painted Portraits

Immersive your experience by visually gazing at these one-of-a-kind original acrylic royal portraits that showcase power, wealth, and glory. These original, acrylic royal portraits entirely capture your imagination and empower you from within. The individual brush strokes and colors used to come to life with acrylic paints.

Unique Nail Art Portraits

Add an incredible addition of these stunning royal portraits to your business space that uses nail art to describe the slight nuances of the painting. Our artists use a variety of iron nails to depict the entire portrait. Furthermore, we also use strings with nails to create a very realistic and powerful portrayal of the ruler. Let your walls portray the glory that you seek!

Trendy Mosaic Portraits

If you’re a lover of tradition and history, mosaic portraits will be the best for your business. For centuries, they have been a hit, and 2022 has only solidified the trend. The portrait is generated using small colorful stones, glass, or ceramic and is held in place by plaster/mortar. Give a real-life look at the portraits with this technique.


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