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At ArtSmiley, we believe that every space deserves a captivating story, and our Art Consulting services are designed to bring that narrative to life. From developing a comprehensive Art Strategy to executing the final installation, we are your partners in creating visually inspiring environments that resonate with emotion and creativity.

Art Curation

Space Evaluation and Research

We start by evaluating the space and conducting in-depth art market research, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your project’s context.

Art Proposals and Artist Sourcing

Our experts develop tailored art proposals and source contemporary artists, providing you with a curated selection that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Location Recommendations and Project Oversight

Our art consultants recommend optimal locations for artworks, overseeing every aspect from shipping to art installation, ensuring a flawless and impactful presentation.

Diverse Modern Artworks

Choose from a diverse range of modern artworks in various mediums, offering promising art investments for our esteemed clients in the UAE.

Art Commissions

Customized Art for Impact

With extensive experience, ArtSmiley specializes in commissioning customized art pieces that create a lasting impact.

Personalized Artworks

ArtSmiley oversees the entire commissioning process, curating concepts, sourcing artists, conducting studio visits, and managing shipping and art installation. We ensure your commissioned artworks exceed your project ambitions.

Art Consulting Process

Art Consulting Services

Corporate Art

Experience the pinnacle of corporate art consulting with ArtSmiley. Our specialists bring market expertise to the forefront, accurately crafting corporate art strategies and managing art collections for international clients.

ArtSmiley not only develops strategies for corporate art collections but also provides ongoing collection management. We go beyond conventional approaches by sourcing collectable artworks that align seamlessly with the corporate context and brand identity.

Public Art

ArtSmiley stands as your trusted partner in the realm of public art, offering consultancy service for large-scale public art projects. With a specialized focus on art strategy and large-scale commissions, our consultants at ArtSmiley excel in developing strategies and commissioning tailored installations and sculptures. Our portfolio proudly showcases diverse projects across corporate contexts, public parks, sculpture gardens, residential developments, landscapes, and temporary installations.


ArtSmiley is the leading hospitality art consultancy, providing creative art direction  for premium hotel projects. Our curators at ArtSmiley work with the world’s top luxury hotel brands to create bespoke art collections that reflect the distinct culture of each location. Our carefully curated hotel art collections connect to a wide audience by bringing local tradition to life. Every collection feels not just topical but also refreshingly distinct, promoting both local and international artists.


As a leading yacht art consultant, ArtSmiley provides full art collections as well as bespoke commissioning services for private superyachts and luxury cruise ships. We have a unique grasp of the needs of the yacht environment. We enable seamless integration by working with private clients, yards, designers, and contractors. Our commissioned artworks meet technical, structural, and material criteria, and are prepared for life at sea by using professional fixes and finishes.


ArtSmiley’s significant experience curating art for premium homes can transform your living spaces. Our art advice and unique commissioning services are intended for residential projects. Our curators work with private collectors and designers to create customized residential collections. Our collections reflect the varied cultural influences of our clients’ foreign lifestyles, showcasing the best of creative and masterfully created modern art.


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