steal the spotlight with
amusing acrylic prints

steal the spotlight with
amusing acrylic prints

Choose Your Perfect Acrylic Print Size

We print on acrylic sandwich panels that can be easily installed with an Aluminium base for hanging on walls. For standard acrylic installation, we provide fixtures. The prints are performed in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, & 10mm sheets. Large acrylic prints are great when you want to make a striking statement and get all eyes on the art print.

Acrylic Print Inspirations That You Can Choose From

You’re only bound to your imagination when it comes to depicting an out-of-the-world acrylic print that breathes life into the room and gives your interior a shady edge. You can feature various acrylic prints throughout the corridors and other spaces in your office, hotel, or home and generate attention. 

Fascinating Wall-Art Acrylic Prints

Have a breathtaking acrylic print of magnificent Dubai skies or that of a tranquil forest outlining your walls and stealing attention all the way through. We perform UV printing on plexiglass and produce acrylic picture prints that match the tonality of your commercial and residential interiors and spruce up the aesthetics. 

Trendy Acrylic Photo Prints

Acrylic photo prints are a great way to relive memories and drive you down the nostalgia lane. Our acrylic printing services in Dubai are centered on printing top-quality photographs on the shatter-resistant body of the acrylic. Just let us know the image you want to depict and we’ll ensure that it breathes life and engages the mind of the overseer. 

HD Acrylic Prints For Display Purposes

Are you looking for a statement acrylic print that will hook your guest at the first glance? Our large acrylic prints fine-tuned for hd clarity are meant to do exactly just that. We’ll embody vibrant colors with mixed hues that figuratively bring out the elegance of the acrylic print. We do art printing in the UAE, across Dubai, Sharjah, and other states. 

Illusionary Acrylic Prints For The Eye-Catcher

Give your hotel guests or your restauranteurs a pleasant surprise when they gaze down at an acrylic print that looks illusionary. We use the frost effect to enhance the transparency of the acrylic print and hence make it look as though they are hiding something. Our art printing services especially these color-tricky acrylic prints are in high demand and have a universal appeal. 

Also known as plexi glass, acrylic is a great medium for printing high-quality photos that instantly catch the observer’s eye.

When you walk into most of the towering and picturesque skyscrapers in Dubai, you’ll find highly visually-appealing acrylic prints that dress the whole interiors of commercial establishments. 

At Art Smiley, we provide acrylic printing services in the UAE to beautify the interiors of professional offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and every other commercial or residential locality. 

We have a standout collection of acrylic prints that will do the magic and light up your business rooms and spaces. If you require a custom acrylic print, we’ll have that printed for you in an exotic fashion. 

Our acrylic art prints are fabulously loved by all the clients who have benefitted from our UV printing services. It spread good vibes and serenity within the room it’s placed. 



Most frequent questions and answers

Acrylic printing refers to the process of printing images or artwork directly onto acrylic sheets or using acrylic as a medium for displaying printed images. It is a contemporary and visually striking method of showcasing photographs, artwork, or designs.

In acrylic printing, the image is typically printed using specialized printers and UV-curable inks. The acrylic sheets used for printing are transparent or translucent thermoplastic materials that allow light to pass through, enhancing the colors and details of the printed image. The result is a vibrant, high-definition print with exceptional clarity.

There are typically two main types of acrylic prints:

Direct Printing: In this method, the image is directly printed onto the surface of the acrylic sheet using specialized printers and UV-curable inks. Direct printing is often preferred for its contemporary and high-gloss appearance, which adds a sense of depth and visual impact to the artwork or photograph.

Face Mounting: Face mounting, also known as the “Diasec” method, involves printing the image onto a high-quality photographic paper, which is then mounted onto the backside of the acrylic sheet. This technique enhances the depth, clarity, and vibrancy of the image. It creates a three-dimensional effect and adds a sense of depth, making the image appear as if it is floating within the acrylic.

  • Acrylic prints offer remarkable clarity and sharpness, as the transparency of the material allows light to pass through and enhance the colors and details of the image.
  • Acrylic is highly durable and resistant to scratches, impacts, and fading. It protects the artwork or photograph from UV rays and other environmental factors, ensuring its longevity.
  • Acrylic prints provide a sense of depth and dimension, giving the artwork a three-dimensional appearance. This adds an extra level of visual impact and creates an immersive viewing experience.
  • Acrylic prints are easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped clean with a soft cloth without the risk of damaging the print, making them a convenient option for display.

The process of acrylic printing starts by choosing an image to be edited, adjusted, and resized using specialized software to ensure optimal printing results. The image is either directly printed onto the acrylic sheet using UV-curable inks or printed onto photographic paper for face mounting. In the case of face mounting, the printed image is carefully attached to the backside of the acrylic using adhesives. The process ensures a seamless and bubble-free bond between the two layers. The edges of the acrylic print may be polished or beveled to give a refined appearance. Hanging hardware or stand-off mounts are often added for easy installation and display.

Yes, acrylic prints are generally waterproof. The acrylic material itself is impervious to moisture, making it resistant to water damage. However, it’s important to note that excessive exposure to water or harsh conditions may still affect the printed image or the bonding between the layers, so it’s advisable to handle them with care and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.

The thickness of acrylic printing can vary depending on personal preference and the desired aesthetic. Generally, acrylic prints are available in thicknesses ranging from 1/8 inch (3mm) to 1/2 inch (12mm). Thicker acrylic prints tend to have a more substantial and luxurious feel, while thinner options offer a sleek and minimalist appearance.

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