Become an Affiliate

Are you a part of an interior design firm or construction industry looking to earn additional income? Are you a blogger or have a website with a huge business base? Interested in monetizing your site? Start earning commissions today by becoming part of the Art Smileybiz Affiliate Program. Employees or interior designers of the firm share the artwork within your community to help support the sales to receive affiliate commission.

Drive traffic to increase your earnings

Earn money by connecting  businesses by partnering with ArtSmiley Affiliate Program. Every time a business art service order is processed successfully, You will earn a commission from that sale. Art Smiley Biz supports affiliates and the entire aspects of customer service and support.

Apply to become an affiliate

Be among the first to earn revenue for referring businesses with art demands. There are no fees or minimum sales requirements to join, so you can get started right now.

Promote ArtSmileyBiz

Help grow ArtSmileyBiz’s global client base. When a business places a bulk order, you make money.

Make money now

Get paid up to 10% commission for small size artworks and 5% commission for larger artworks for every new business order generated by your unique referral link. Our payment options are flexible and regular.


Maximal Earnings

With a lifetime attribution and no referral limit, you will be paid for every first-time buyer, ensuring a lifetime of profits.

Referral Link

Affiliates can make use of the referral link to promote the artwork among the clients.

Community of Affiliates

The number of affiliates is growing every day. Be part of the team to grow us better.


Fill out the application form to join our affiliate program. Our program allows you to earn commissions as soon as your application is approved. Become an affiliate partner with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our affiliate program. 

Payment is done directly to the affiliates on the completion of the purchase order by the clients. A cheque or direct bank transfers will be sent to you on the 15th of the following month. For example, the commission earned in August will be paid by or before September 15th.

Business orders are eligible for affiliate commissions based on their final base price. Commissions are paid on final sale prices for business orders. Each order has a 30-day grace period after it is placed. You will not be paid for any canceled projects during that period.