Welcome to the wonderland
for your graffiti and wall mural needs

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Welcome to the wonderland for your graffiti and wall mural needs
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Graffiti Art

Professional street graffiti art

Street art is very popular in modern cities of the world. The UAE’s street art scene is rich and ever growing, with more and more artists demonstrating their artistic capabilities. Art Smiley professionals will come up with a theme that will match your tastes and blend into your artistic vision of street art. The colors will pop up out of the graffiti and make a statement on any street you wish to utilize our work.

Classic Graffiti art for Gym

Cold blood, muscles and victory? Oh yes, then it’s all about portraying iconic heroes and body builders in your gym. Not just that, you can showcase and highlight the different muscles of the human body so that those who workout get inspired. ArtSmiley will come up with stunning graffiti wall art designs that will outline the walls of your gym.

Iconic graffiti art for Garages

Are you a die-hard fast and furious fan? You are in for a treat as Art Smiley will come up with an amazing graffiti that will light up your garage. We will portray your favorite cars and characters on the walls of your garage and take your imagination to the next level. You can also give us your ideas and make them come to life with ArtSmiley’s talented graffiti artists.

Wall Murals

Wall Murals

Refreshing Wall Murals For Hospital

Creating a serene atmosphere inside the hospital is very important as it elevates the mood of the patients, the sick and the staff. Make your patients comfortable and stress-free by installing ArtSmiley’s nature landscape mural prints. We will tailor craft and install live mural prints that will produce an instantaneous healing on your patients upon viewing.

Inspiring Wall Murals For Offices

Assure your employees a wonderful workplace by installing a wall mural that fits the motto and work culture of your business. ArtSmiley’s wall murals have the potential to strike a conversation with the on-viewer. We provide end-to-end services, right from conceptualizing the theme, to installing the mural in your office.

Attractive Wall Murals for Homes

Live the ultimate experience inside your home by decorating your walls with awe-inspiring murals. ArtSmiley promises to enhance the visual outlook of your living room by installing a mural print that is capable of grabbing all eyes onto it. Decorate your kids bedroom with wall murals consisting of cartoon characters to enlighten their mood.

Stunning Wall Murals for Hotels

Light up the whole atmosphere inside your hotel by installing Art Smiley’s creative wall murals. You can easily find a customizable wall mural that fits into the theme and style you're looking for at Art Smiley. Surround your guests with an immersive experience, one that will last for a lifetime.

About ArtSmiley

ArtSmiley is a multifaceted community creating an ambiance desired by art lovers. ArtSmiley has been operating in UAE since 2017 with the vision to make art more accessible and to provide viable career to artists. Today the business has more than 1500 registered artists from over 50 countries and over 5000+ art collections. We are also digital business of the year awardee for the consecutive years 2020 & 2021.

We are an accomplished marketplace for buying and selling all kinds of original artworks, digital works, graffiti, wall murals and sculptures. Our services extend to all kinds of UV printing on all mediums such as canvas, acrylic, metal, wood, glass etc.


Our business staff has been very happy with the amazing wall mural that ArtSmiley’s artists have painted on our office wall. The artwork has all the right textures, color gradations and tonal differences that make it look sensational. We would recommend all businesses to approach ArtSmiley for their art needs


The service that ArtSmiley provided, right from conceptualizing the graffiti artwork to executing it was remarkable. Our business has always counted upon ArtSmiley to provide graffiti artworks and wall murals that effectively convey our vision to our clients. They are great in what they do.


ArtSmiley is indeed the place for wall murals and graffiti artworks. Their talented team of artists come up with inspiring artistic concepts and themes every time we approach them for our business needs. Their service is outstanding. We never felt like complaining about the artwork or their services for a moment. Great bunch of guys working here.


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