Elevate Your Décor with Classic Canvas Prints
Unleash Vintage Vibes in Style!

The mother of all art prints is a solid No 1 and can create a dazzling statement wherever it takes its place. Canvas prints render an artistic feel and touch that no other can do. 

It’s all about the vibes they produce, a reckoning that takes place in the observer’s mind while glancing at the slightest nuances displayed in its trailblazing prints. 

A canvas print of your favorite moments captured in the past does take you down the memory lane. 

At ArtSmileyBiz, we help you cherish the same nostalgia but better. We create canvas prints that are well-customized as per your demands. 

Be it a custom canvas print of your family vacation, an artistically designed wall hanging, or an outing with your friends, preserve your precious memories by getting them imprinted on a beautiful piece of canvas and revisit your golden times. 

Canvas prints can camouflage themselves to their backgrounds to suit the setting and beautify the space for the viewers to relinquish every piece of art their eyes witness. 

Our Canvas printing services based in UAE cater to clients all across the globe for various kinds of setups be it offices, hotels, restaurants, homes, hospitals, and others. Name it and we will have it delivered to your doorstep.

“This world is nothing but a canvas, and your imagination, the art.”


Canvas prints are the go-to wall décor item in any household. You walk into a well-maintained living room with scenic illustrations on the wall, what is the first impression you form? Save your first impressions with our dazzling canvas prints. Beautifully designed wall hangings portraying nature, art, and culture from all across the world, whatever you demand, we provide the best quality. 


Be it dinners, vacations, or even a small picnic, those moments of joy spent with our loved ones last forever; even better if those memories could be framed so as to be recollected in the future. Art Smiley does exactly that. We print your joyous moments on canvas which isn’t merely a photograph, but a piece of your heart..


You never know what can suddenly hit you and bring a ray of positivity into your mind. Quotes of lining in those dark times of self-doubt, anxiety, and mindlessness. As vague as it sounds, God sends help to us in the most unexpected ways. You never know when it can be a good quote on our canvas prints.


All of us grow up looking up to someone. We all have an idol. It can be anyone, even people from our family. And as a tribute to these people, you can give them a canvas print with their picture on it or words of wisdom said by them as regards the contribution they have made in your life. The people who have helped you grow need an adequate amount of appreciation and a canvas print, in this case, can never go wrong. 


Canvas prints can be used for home décor purposes to beautify the interiors of your dream home. With artistic prints revolving around the family theme, you can create an everyday immersive-experience. It can be used for wall hangings, framing memories, showcasing your artistic interest, and many more. A classic way to go about your interior designing journey, choose canvas prints.

For Office:

With canvas printing services spanning across Dubai, Sharjah, and various other places, our art prints are well suited for a professional environment and can well adapt to any of your walls may be it the reception, the lobby, the conference hall, or the CEO’s chamber. They can suit and accompany any of the places and make your working experience better.


Interior design plays a crucial role in the hotel industry. Guests form an opinion of the hotel not just based on the management and maintenance but also on how the interior has been decorated. Long corridors with canvas prints throughout put the guest in a good impression of the hotel and make their stay more worthwhile. 


Dining areas are incomplete without a hint of art in them. Our UAE-based canvas printing enterprise is a one-stop shop for all your needs and demands. Whatever you feel embodies the theme of your restaurant; just say it and we have a canvas print available for that, ready to be hung on your magnificent walls, making the dining experience for the customers splendidly perfect. 


Our Dubai-based canvas printing business supplies a ton of canvas prints to hospitals and healthcare service enterprises. Art has the potential to bring hope in times of grief to not just the patients but also their families. It has healing powers. Canvas print displays with words of motivation can prove to be of genuine help to people seeking sunshine.