Capture the heart of your hotel
guests with beautiful
artworks adorning the walls!

Do you own a hotel?

Fingers crossed, you pretty well know how tough it is to reign in the  hospitality industry, given the innumerable hotel brands that spruce up out of nowhere and take your place. 

There are a lot of aspects involved when considering the interior designs and decor of the hotel. You need to make sure that the hotel lobby, restaurants and rooms are decorated on a certain theme to give your guests the ultimate experience. 

Well, how do you do that? All you need to do is garnish your walls with inspiring and creative artworks. Your customers would be intrigued to see them and connect with the wall arts. 

In this blog, you will understand all the benefits of having wall arts in your hotel. 

Art and interior design must go hand-in-hand!


Hotels are mainly booked for the holiday season and also by professionals who like to stay in hotel rooms. 

Holiday season – hotel booked!

So you know how valuable it is to offer ethereal experiences to your guests while they are staying in your hotel. Your hotel’s lobby, rooms and other scenic places need to be decorated to the core to grab the attention and love of your customers.

Take a look at the leading hotel businesses and you will soon understand that their hotels have great interiors coupled along with amazing hotel wall paintings. 

Yes, it’s that blend of creative interior designing and quirky hotel wall paintings that pulls out a stunner. An important aspect is that you need to first decide upon the color theme of your hotel. From the hotel lobby, hotel room and to the restaurants, you need to clearly lay a color code that will easily sync in with your customers. 

After deciding upon the color palette of the room, you can install interiors of wood, glass printings, wallpapers to bring the room to life. 

Once you have worked upon the interior design, now it’s time to bring in top quality hotel wall arts to garnish and embellish the entire room. 

The best thing about paintings for hotel rooms is that it portrays professionalism and creativity, and grabs the attention of your customers. 

6 reasons how hotel wall paintings will benefit your customers!

  1. Creates a feel-good atmosphere

If you are able to get your customer exclaim ‘WoW’ just when they enter the hotel lobby, you’ve done the job. That’s why you need painting in hotels; those that will create a feel-good or feel-at-home atmosphere. 

“94% of people who love going for hotel tours believe that modern artwork makes the workplace welcoming.”

Your customers are looking for a completely unique experience. As a hotel owner you can inspire them by incorporating modern wall arts that are capable of drawing attention.

We would suggest you follow a theme when it comes to designing a hotel room. Each room should be unique in its particular manner, the artworks clearly customized to give your customers a memorable experience.

You can include dazzling wall murals, abstract art, animated versions of popular heroes, fancy vinyl quotes and much more on the walls of your hotel space. The artworks must be arranged in a systematic manner, so that your customers can easily view and understand the meaning of the paintings.  

You can also portray your reception room as a double gallery to win the hearts of art enthusiasts.

“Pretty much, there can’t be anybody who doesn’t appreciate art.”

 2. Enhance branding


Given the fact that there are numerous hotels who have loyal customers, your hotel business needs to stand out in both aesthetics and services. You need to set a tone for your brand, one that will create a lasting impression on your customers.

First things first, the color theme, wall arts you go for should match the likings of your customers. If you’re a hotel business catering mostly to millennials you need to revamp your hotel walls with interesting graffiti designs, wall murals of horses, or an epic aerial view.

Make sure you have customized artworks across all the various rooms of the hotel to generate a sense of admiration in your customers. You can have graphic designs and even vinyl stickers to bring more ambience into the room. 

3. Creates a focal point


Our eyes are always on the search for attractive things. Knowingly or unknowingly, every human being has the tendency to attach themselves to things , objects.. especially when it’s something interesting.

This psychological fact works like magic. By portraying a world class painting on your hotel bedroom wall or restaurant, you are constantly catching the attention of your customers. You need to include diverse hotel art paintings to match the taste of all the customers who are coming to stay at your hotel. 

Each hotel room must carry a theme, say for instance, the painting of  a romantic couple, or even underwater seal life paintings. These focal points will become a memorable experience for your guests while they stay at your hotel. 

While playing around with multiple paintings, it is important to consider the size of wall arts as they play a major role in creating the focal point. A small sized hotel wall art would never make it to a focal point. In contrast, bigger artwork would seem like you’re overdoing the whole art thing. Finally remember, the color palette of your room must match with the artwork to create a majestic focal point. 

4. Arouse curiosity within your guests


Now we’re talking. Curiosity is another psychological factor that drives all of us. The curiosity increases when your paintings in hotel rooms have the ability to capture their imaginations. Abstract and modern art, as well as those of landscapes, lush green forests, people from different cultures,… can be portrayed in your hotel lobby that will become a major topic of conversation. 

5. Educate your clients about the local area


Office wall painting consisting of pictures of the local places, people, food, etc will enhance their ability to understand the geographical richness of the place much faster as compared to explaining it to them. You can also host an art gallery that features contemporary painting to further enhance the customer experience. 

This way, your business helps art lovers explore their favorite arts. They no longer have to take the help of a tour guide to explain the most fascinating places of the local area. Each hotel room can make use of these local arts to bring a personal experience to them.

6. Employees’ Engagement and client satisfaction


Lovely artworks inspire the employees to work to their best potential. Seaside artworks, mountainous scenes, help in improving performance and reducing stress. 

Your hotel can also have breakout rooms filled with the most vibrant artworks to influence the overall moods of your guests. Competitions can be held between your guests to see who comes up with the best painting. For those who are interested in the artworks, you can have a guide to help understand the painting and get into a deeper level with the artwork.

ArtSmiley to the rescue!


Having known about 6 ways in which your hotel can benefit from artworks, the next step is to buy the artworks. At ArtSmiley, we offer top quality artworks, wall arts, murals, and much more to make your hotel a heaven of delight. 

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