What Are The 7 Contemporary Art Forms?

As a newcomer to the art world, you are probably curious about how different genres of art are interpreted. The concept, themes, and subject matter of contemporary art are vast and difficult to define. In today’s society, artists produce contemporary art primarily through painting. Art forms in this category include paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, performances, and videos.
Today, artists work in various media because of the cultural diversity, multidimensionality, and technological advancements of the times. However, the appeal of contemporary paintings goes beyond their motivational value. This particular art style can inspire viewers to become a better version of themselves and help them achieve their dreams. Identity and personal experience are explored through the work of contemporary artists. In today’s fast-changing world, many mediums are used to depict complex themes in contemporary paintings.
Contemporary paintings and artwork can sometimes be difficult to understand. In this case, one is supposed to pay attention to shapes, colorful patterns, and haphazard lines. It provides information on different contemporary painting styles, helps you recognize other artwork, and explains the message portrayed on the canvas. You’ll better understand the artwork by learning the top 9 Contemporary art styles.

What is Contemporary Art?

Artworks created after the 1970s are considered this art form, also known as paintings created in our lifetime. The evolution of art dates back to the ancient period. Modern art is only another evolution that removes the traditional and academic style of making and perceiving artworks. A significant role was also played by modernism in the evolution of contemporary art. In this light, let’s explore today’s diverse forms of contemporary art.

Abstract Art

The art of abstracts is based on geometric shapes, patterns, and formats that are non-natural. Taking inspiration from nature and humans, this form of art embodies simplicity, spirituality, and purity. In abstract painting, colour, line, texture, pattern, composition, and technique play an important role. Since abstract art frequently includes non-representational works, it is also called non-objective or concrete art. Over a century has passed since abstract art first inspired audiences. Despite its complexity, abstract art is easy to comprehend; all you need is an open, curious mind to appreciate it.

Figurative Art 

Modern art that uses the human figure to convey the problem of the real world is called figurative art. Through illusory features, this type of art aims to represent life realistically. Contemporary art can also create masterpieces by combining this art style with minimalism, cubism, or abstract art. Abstract art and representational work are distinguished by using figurative art depicting human and animal figures today. Famous artists have used figurative art to represent intellectual concepts for centuries. For example, in sculptures, paintings, and portraits, some artists depicted royal themes, whereas others highlighted cultural values.

Geometric Art

As its name suggests, geometric art represents different kinds of shapes, lines, elements, points, and angles using geometric shapes and lines. Different types, shapes, and sizes of shapes and geometrical objects are used to create magic here. 

Minimalist Art

Various geometric shapes such as squares and rectangles are used in minimalism, a type of abstract art. Art that represents reality without emulating it is the main objective of this type of art. Aside from landscapes and people, it also represents experiences, emotions, and feelings from the real world. Therefore, minimalist artwork has a highly purified form of beauty, simplicity, truth, and harmony.

Still Life Art 

One of the most important kinds of Western art is Still Life art, which depicts dead sculptures and paintings. The process can be carried out with food, games, fruits, vegetables, and other inanimate objects, as well as human-made materials. The use of still-life paintings in contemporary art celebrates material pleasures and warns viewers of life’s brevity.


It involves the arrangement of text and the effective communication of information using contemporary typefaces-basically letters of the alphabet representing a particular technique, sentiment, or brand. In the print and digital design industries, typography art is an essential component of contemporary paintings.

Pop Art 

The pop art movement emerged as a response to mass media, commercialism, and consumerism. It has been found that everyday objects, such as newspapers, comic strips, bottle cans, and road signs, are being used as mediums for expressing messages through this form of art. Artists can incorporate celebrity names, brand logos, and images into their work. Regardless of what they are inspired by, artists can draw inspiration from anything. A pop artist’s distinctive qualities, common to many classic styles, make him easy to identify. Vibrant, brilliant colours are a hallmark of pop art. Artists can use the element.

Surrealism Art

Europe experienced a surge of surrealism between World War I and World War II. The primary purpose of surrealist art is to explore illogical and subconscious ideas. As a means of communicating their innermost thoughts, surrealist painters experiment with many languages and things. Fantastic visuals and lively imagery are hallmarks of surrealist art.

Sculpture Art

The four primary methods of creating sculpture art are carving, modelling, casting, and constructing. Sculpture involves cutting solid materials such as wood or stone with various tools to produce shapes. The process of casting involves creating a mould and then pouring liquid material into it. Models are formed using clay or wax, soft materials used by artists. When sculptures are constructed and assembled, bends, folds, stitches, welds, and weaving are used. It is possible to apply the techniques to sculpt various objects and materials.

Final Thoughts
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