Your interior decor business
will stand out with amazing
wall arts and digital prints

When it comes to interior designing, there is no compromise. With the rapid technological development in UV printing, diverse styles of wall art, interior design companies have to play smart!Yes, it’s all about the look and feel of the room.

The interior decorated wall arts, and the fabulous UV prints should go hand in hand to land an impression on your clients.

Easily said than done, it takes experience and expertise to properly align your business interiors with art prints. No more worries! We’ve got your back.

In this blog, we will help you understand how beautiful wall arts and prints magnify the office space.

Are you ready? Let’s dive straight in!

Wall arts often seem to be an afterthought!

Most of the time it happens so that wall arts and art prints come into the picture only after the interior designing has been done. Yeah, the popular appeal is about placing interior design above anything else.

In this age of modern times, the whole outlook has been changed. Interior designer companies are taking a bold stride of choosing their favorite artworks first before coming up with the interior designs. They realize the power and influence of framed, canvas wall arts.

As interior designers, you know how important room aesthetics is.

What you need to do is blend in both interior design wall arts and digital prints together to make your brand stand out. The interesting thing is that you would have a variety of decor options before you, to experiment what kind of artworks will work.

Choose your favorite wall arts, prints, color combinations that best convey the brand message and your vision. Have a specific plan to hang these interior design wall arts across all the rooms of your office. Once you’ve decided upon the artworks, you can then think of the wall colors that will match the artworks.

5 ways beautiful wall arts and prints can magnify your business space!


1. Breathes life into the room

A powerful wall art can essentially breathe life into the room. Depending on the theme of the artwork, your employees and clients relate with it personally. Yes, artwork is so intriguing, that Psychologists say it has a major influence in creating positive moods and passionate individuals. Stunning UV prints such as glass, metal prints can be used to embellish the panels of your office.

Your clients won’t have to think twice. Everybody in the office feels at home, a place where they would love to be.

2.Educate your clients

There are several marketing campaigns that successful brands use to capture the attention of their audience. Online platforms are used by big brands to promote their products and services.

Yes, and many interior design businesses have tasted success. All of the marketing and advertising is good. But there’s one concept which often goes unprioritized.

Guess what?

It’s the power of interior design wall arts to educate your clients, employees on what your brand is all about, how it came into existence and the future aspirations of your company.

“Art has the power to transform, illuminate, and educate human minds.”

You can include fine photo paper art prints that showcase landscapes, different cultures, …

Most importantly, you need to sabotage your clients with abstract art so that they come along with their own interpretations.

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3. Creates a focal point

It is the hard core rule of branding principles, that your business must have a focal point to instantly attract your clients. The idea is to get your potential client to glance at the wall arts.

Here you can have wall arts, canvas prints that circle under the theme of your brand. Use the ultimate potential of artwork to render your clients a remarkable experience.

You can experiment with different wall arts before finally choosing the one that will operate as the focal point. Every other design element should naturally be drawn towards it.

A very important factor when choosing a wall art to be the focal point is the size of the artwork. Make sure you incorporate the right sized interior design wall arts.

3. Creates a focal point

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4. Blends with the color palette

Your interior design business should maintain a color code and theme across the rooms of your office. The right blend of wall arts and colors of the walls takes your office aesthetics to the next level. 

Take some time to think which kind of artworks will look best when hung in your office space. After deciding the wall arts, you can choose a complimentary color that will match the artworks.

Make sure to incorporate both wall arts and interior decor that are inclined towards your vision and work culture.

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5. Offers immense possibilities in designing

Well, the colors used in modern inkjet technologies produce such natural, vibrant tones that will enhance the room aesthetics. The best part about UV art prints is that they offer top quality prints. The prints look so photorealistic, and produce convincing finishes.You can print designs onto almost anything to produce a spectacular view.

A wide range of different styles can be used to create customized artworks, producing great visual depth. There are different platforms that use the benefit of UV prints. Glass, acrylic, metal, wood, ceramic printing are the most popular UV printing services today.

Your interior business can make use of the versatile glass printings owing to the beautiful and transparent color of glass. Digital images on glass are very eye-catching since the colors used in inkjet technology are premium, authentic colors. The UV printer instantly dries up the inks as the ink is being directly printed onto glass. This not only highlights the colors used in the image, but also makes sure that they are scratch resistant.

You can also go for alternatives such as metal, acrylic and ceramic printing to check which ones you like the best. You can portray custom images, graphics, text onto the surface of glass or various other mediums to showcase the versatility and quality of art prints.

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Signing off!

Now that you  understand the importance of art in interior designing, it is time to adorn your walls with eye-catching art prints. ArtSmiley caters to all your artistic needs. We will understand your brand and then offer consultancy services to give you a bigger picture.

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