Steal the Show with Amazing Glass Prints - Redeem them Now!

In one word, glass prints are just ‘fantabulous.’

They spread eerie vibes wherever they are featured. The pictures printed onto glass are of high-definition clarity and you can stare at them all day long and never lose interest. 

Can’t you just imagine how surreal a picture of Mt. Everest or Fuji could be on a glass print? The animosity that glass prints generate is something other materials can’t do.

At Art Smiley, we provide custom glass printing services across the UAE, Dubai and Sharjah, and various other places with the goal of beautifying the interiors of residential and commercial establishments. 

The versatility of glass prints makes it a suitable decor option for almost all settings. As glass is smooth and doesn’t have patches or textures, you can get a clear, crystal view of the print. 

We have glass prints for your homes, office spaces, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and other places. Just let us know your dream glass print and we’ll get that ready for you.

Types of Glass Print

We primarily perform two types of glass printing, digital printing, and ceramic printing on glass. Both techniques provide a versatile look and glamorize the glass print.

Digital Color UV Printing

Digital color prints are great as you can alter print designs at the last minute as they are done digitally. In this method, we use organic inks and print them onto the surface of the glass after the digital design is finalized. We then use UV light to dry the ink and secure them on the surface of the glass. We do digital printing on glass with UV technology as it enables the use of multicolors. It facilitates the making of fast time-to-market, fascinating glass prints. 

Digital Ceramic Printing

This type of digital printing is the latest and most advanced form of printing on glass. You can achieve great levels of color opacity, transparency, and translucency and get the exact detail you want to get from a digitally printed glass pattern or image. At Art Smiley, we use ceramic frit-based inks composed of inorganic pigments and fuse them onto the tempered glass. Ceramic inks are absorbed well into the glass, obtaining a nice structural pattern. 

Refreshing Glass Print Inspirations You Can Choose From

Just utter the word, glass print, and we’ll give you tons of ideas and inspirations that you can choose from for your personalized glass prints. Our glass printing services are centered to provide the best glass prints that evoke a sense of love, hope, beauty, and joy in all those who glance at them. 

Mouth-watering Glass Prints for Walls

A mystic scenery or cascading balloons – be as imaginative as you can be and we’ll print those images onto your walls with custom glass prints. With our ceramic frit inks, you can get the slightest of details and color blends in your glass print revealed. Glass printing in the UAE is witnessing a great surge in demand for radiating wall art prints and we are just the creative arts sector that provides that. 

Relive the Moment with Glass Print Photos

What’s more refreshing than a real-life moment that you captured in your camera portrayed as a glass print? At Art Smiley, we’ll capture the slightest nuances in your photographs and print them onto the glass. Our glass printing services in Dubai cater to bringing smiles to the faces of people by providing them with scintillating glass prints of their most cherished experiences. 

Glossy Words Printed On Glass

Do you want a striking logo or quote that’s embedded in glass? We do custom logo glass printing in Sharjah and other places in Dubai to accentuate your office, hotel, and other commercial and residential interiors. The greater levels of color opacity, font styles, and effects that you can render with our tempered glass prints are just mesmerizing and your customers will just love it. 

Custom Glass Prints as You Envisioned

Your visions become a reality when you partner with Art Smiley for your glass printing needs. Our professional team of artists and digital printers breathe life into bland glass and embody the ideal print you want. Whether it be a modern cozy picture or a stark lucid monster, just let us know and we’ll portray the best rendition of the glass print for you. 

Some Good Places to Feature Glass Prints

You can literally feature glass prints alongside any interior in any residential or commercial business space. Let’s give you some ideas to reimagine the scope of these adorable glass prints. 


Featuring exotic glass prints in your home is the best way to arouse the emotions in all the guests who arrive at your home as well as spread happy vibes when you are in your home. You can feature them in your glass doors and shutter doors across the kitchen, lounge, dining, and living rooms. Have an eye-capturing glass print hanging on your wall in the bedroom for a charming appeal. 


Our glass printing services in the UAE across Dubai, Sharjah, and the other states aim at delivering striking glass prints to embellish office interiors. Offices have to make a professional statement and our custom wall art glass prints and logo/quote glass prints are best at achieving that professional appeal. Just let us know what you want and we’ll do it for you in no time. 


Create an immersive experience for your guests residing at your hotel with mesmerizing, glossy glass prints. The ability of glass prints to generate highly visual, HD images are what makes it ideal for the hotel setting. Arouse the emotions within your guest with a phantom forest-based glass print or charming greek princess glass prints and get them entangled within. 


Render a supportive spirit with welcoming and heart-touching glass prints in your hospital that ease the nerves of your patients. With the high definition and artistic animosity that glass prints generate, you can dive deep into the minds of your loved patients, doctors, and other staff, and evoke peace within them. 



Most frequent questions and answers

Glass printing refers to the process of printing images or artwork directly onto glass surfaces. It involves specialized techniques and inks to transfer the image onto the glass, creating a visually striking display.

Prints on glass are commonly referred to as “glass prints” or “printed glass.” These terms are used to describe the process of transferring images or artwork onto glass surfaces.

The choice between glass and acrylic prints depends on individual preferences and specific requirements. Glass prints offer a classic and luxurious look with enhanced durability, while acrylic prints have a modern and sleek appearance with greater impact resistance. Glass prints are more durable and resistant to UV damage, while acrylic prints are lighter and more customizable. Ultimately, the better option depends on factors such as aesthetic preference, desired durability, and budget constraints.

Glass printing offers several benefits that make it an attractive choice for displaying images or artwork:
Glass printing provides a sophisticated and high-end look, making them suitable for upscale environments, art galleries, or modern interiors. The smooth and glossy surface of the glass enhances the colors and details of the printed image, creating a visually striking display.
When properly handled and installed, glass prints can be durable and long-lasting. It is less likely to warp or degrade compared to some other printing materials.
Glass prints are relatively easy to clean and maintain. The smooth surface of glass makes it resistant to stains and smudges.
Glass allows light to pass through, which can enhance the colors and details of the printed image, creating a vibrant and visually appealing display.
Glass printing can be used in various applications, including wall art, signage, decorative panels, tabletop displays, and more.
Glass printing offers customization options, such as different levels of translucency, various glass thicknesses, and the ability to add textures or patterns to the glass surface. These options allow for greater artistic expression and the creation of unique and personalized prints.

Different types of digital printing on glass include:
Direct UV Printing: This method involves printing the image directly onto the glass using UV-curable inks. UV printing provides vibrant colors, excellent detail, and durability.
Ceramic Printing: Ceramic printing involves applying ceramic inks onto the glass surface and then firing the glass in a kiln to permanently fuse the image onto the glass. This technique creates highly detailed and long-lasting prints.
Translucent Printing: Translucent printing involves printing the image onto a translucent film, which is then laminated onto the glass. This technique allows light to pass through the print, creating a unique illuminated effect.

Glass photo prints are typically made through a process that involves the following steps:
The chosen image or artwork is digitally prepared, ensuring the correct resolution, color profile, and sizing for printing. The image is printed onto the glass surface using specialized techniques such as direct UV printing or ceramic printing. These methods involve using UV-curable inks or ceramic inks that adhere to the glass surface and create a high-quality image reproduction. Once the image is printed, the glass is carefully inspected for quality control. The edges may be polished or beveled, and any imperfections or blemishes on the surface of the glass are addressed. Glass photo prints can be mounted or framed to protect the printed surface and provide a means for display. Mounting options can include float mounting, where the glass is suspended slightly away from the wall, or sandwiching the print between two layers of glass for a frameless appearance.

Yes, it is possible to 3D print glass. 3D printing of glass involves a specialized process called “glass additive manufacturing.” However, it is important to note that 3D printing glass is a complex and challenging technique that requires advanced equipment and expertise. The process typically involves heating powdered or molten glass and using a high-precision nozzle to deposit and solidify the material layer by layer, following a digital model.

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