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Historic Dubai Graffiti Arts

Represent Dubai’s historic culture and iconic leaders in graffiti and convey the essence of the story to natives and tourists alike. We are most known for our custom Arab/Emirati graffiti artwork services across Abu Dhabi and other places in Dubai as we create standout graffiti artworks that instantly capture the attention of passersby.

GenZ-appealing Graffiti Pop Arts

If there’s anything to get people talking, it’s graffiti pop arts. Our graffiti artists use spray paints and other artistic tools to generate appealing graffiti pop arts that do the magic. With fine detailing and rich color hues, we bring the stark emotions of the characters and make them life-like. 

Killer Blockbuster Graffiti Arts

Do you want to spray paint an iconic picture of your country’s illustrious visionaries, leaders or just want a mass portrayal of a historic moment? Our graffiti services which include the making of prolific blockbuster graffiti arts will amplify your business space with a charm that can’t be explained in words.

Immersive Wildstyle and Bubble Graffiti Arts

Want some spooky, funky artwork with just words outlining your wall? We provide graffiti services such as Wildstyle and Bubble graffiti arts where we paint words in entangled and twisted styles, rendering an artistic touch. These abstract letter formations instantly catch the attention of your customers and way-side pedestrians and empower your brand visibility

For Public Spaces

Graffiti was initially painted in public spaces and we’re right at doing just that. Our graffiti artworks best fit in any community area, for instance, malls, parks, metro pillars, etc. Our artists will use the latest graffiti design trends to paint a phenomenal graffiti that instantly hooks the attention of the passersby.

For Office:

Portray your office vision and brand identity with an astounding graffiti for the office that spreads the message instantaneously. Fill the office air with a spirit of workmanship and passionate innovation that motivates your teammates to perform to their best. 

For Home:

Reinvent the outdoor walls of your home with modern graffiti for home that will enhance the overall visual appeal of your home. Art Smiley professionals will come up with a theme that will match your tastes and blend into your artistic vision. 

For Garages:

Are you a die-hard fast and furious fan? You are in for a treat as Art Smiley will come up with an amazing graffiti for garages that will light up the whole space. We will portray your favorite cars and characters on the walls of your garage and take your imagination to the next level. 

For Gym:

Cold blood, muscles, and victory? Oh yes, then it’s all about portraying iconic heroes and body builders in your gym. ArtSmiley will come up with stunning graffiti for your gym, incorporating wall art designs that bring the best version of the people when they’re working out. 

For hotels and restaurants:

Do you want to ramp up the outside walls of your hotel and restaurant with glittering designs? ArtSmiley will cater to your hotel’s graffiti needs by understanding your vision and business model. We will portray amazing nature landscape graffiti for your restaurant, and stencil graffiti for your hotel, depending on the feel and vibe you’re going for. 

‘Just-tell-us’ Commissioned Graffiti Arts

You have an idea, and we’ll make that happen. Just tell us about your graffiti art idea and we’ll bring out the best version of what you’ll ever get. Whether it be a portrayal of a real-life-character, historic scene or an artwork that commends your business vision, we’ll use the latest graffiti art trends to create a powerful piece of appealing artwork. 

Breathe Life into Those Bland Walls

“It pierces your eye, communicates a story, and intrigues your mind in the vagueness of your dreams”

Nothing’s more fresh and versatile than a piece of frolicking graffiti art that catches the eye from a distance. The art form is a story-teller, one that doesn’t require words but just the splendor of visuals.

Dubai is etched in glamorous fashion as artists paint heart-warming graffiti across public walls, subways, and other popular tourist destinations. The iconic streets of City Walk are blessed with great rendition of graffiti arts by brilliant artists.

Graffiti today is a public appetizer; businesses using the pristine art form for various branding purposes.

Do you want to make a statement? 

Trust us, from our experience, we know that a stunning piece of graffiti can go a long way to impressing your business clients, customers, and portraying your vision. 

We have great graffiti artists in our team who provide exceptional graffiti services that fit your custom requirements. We provide graffiti artwork services at all public spaces like parks, community areas, metro pillars, etc. Our graffiti services also include graffiti for the office, graffiti for restaurants, containers, graffiti for the gym etc, we’ll do the best for you. 

There ain’t just one – Here are the types of graffiti art to choose from 

Who said there’s just one type of Graffiti – the usual spray paints and oil textures, nope, at Art Smiley, our graffiti artists create various kinds of graffiti works to glamourize your business premises.