arouse the emotion within your guests with fabulous metal prints


Our prints are available in four fine finishes Matte, Semi-Gloss, Gloss, and Metallic, each of them exclusively curated as per your demands and needs.


Want to avoid an unnecessary glare? Wish to keep it decent and simple?

Your go-to choice should be the matte metal print finish. Devour the realm of beauty this print has to offer with absolutely no strain on your eyes. This type of finish displays maximum visibility of the image and crystal clear clarity. Giving you a soft satin-like touch, it is the most enduring and durable finish most resistant to scratches and damages. 


No compromise on color grading and clarity? Choose glossy metal print finishing. Give your impressions the gleaming lustrous look and relish every second you spend looking at a print with the finest glossy finish. Producing the highest quality image and maximum color display, glossy metal print finishes shine like a pearl under the Sun. Best suited for exquisite and extravagantly designed interiors, a metal print with a glossy finish is the cherry on the cake to your dream luxury interior. 


Confused about what to choose between matte and glossy? Well, we have a middle-way solution. Opt for a semi-gloss metal print finish. Not that plain, not that much vibrant, they are more of a background-oriented art piece where more preference is given to where this shall be hanged.

They are comparatively shinier than matte-finish metal prints and are a beautiful alternative to your usual wall hangings.


If your type is antique, rustic, and authentic, then this should be your go-to variant. Giving an indigenous touch to your illustrations, photographs, and other art pieces, this finish displays your design in its most uncut form. This print allows the metal underneath to show through. It shows the original shiny particles of the aluminum used underneath the image print. Mainly used for artistic purposes, it has the potential to awaken your inner art enthusiast and persuade you to buy one of these. 


Our UAE-based metal printing services ace the market in giving a more gracious look to your office walls and other areas. Well customized to suit the professional working environment, our metal prints come in designs curated to cater to your requirements, henceforth reinstating our work motto of procuring the best quality in providing you with your needs and choices.


Metal prints give a more convincing appearance to your family pictures and memories. It can help you relive those memories even years later, and can help you cherish the times when you were young when you were with your true loved ones. Also, well suited for wall decorations and other etchings, metal prints are the perfect outlet for your imaginative soul.


Want to leave an everlasting impression on your guests so they may visit again and again? Well-kept rooms with a hint of alluring art can never go wrong. Metal prints can be used in hotel rooms and other places to add a touch of modern art to the walls. The reception hall, the long corridors, the couple suite, think of a place and we will provide you with something to look impeccable in the given space.


Support and motivation are everything people coming to a hospital need. Even if it is intangible support, people here need peace and patience, something that art has the power to render. Inspirational and motivational quotes and images in metal print art pieces can act as an indirect support to the many people who visit a hospital, giving them assurance and contentment.


Would you even call a restaurant fancy if it lacks well-illustrated art displays? Not. Metal prints depicting nature, love, and life can never go wrong in a dining setup. Promising an experience worth repeating, metal prints add a touch of charm to the set-up.

The aesthetic vibe a metal print generates and the color display it offers has the potential to soothe and calm an anxious mind. It is breathtaking in every possible form.

That is exactly what we here at Art Smiley do. We give your memories a more realistic look. We make your moments of joy last forever. 

Our metal print services provide customized prints that are durable, water-resistant, and scratch resistant proving why they are a better alternative to your usual art pieces. They are sustainable, are damage-proof, and also prove to be environment-friendly given their durability and the material used. 

You can choose from a wide range of layouts, color gradients, and backgrounds to achieve your desired look.  Here at Art Smiley, we use UV printing technology to cure the ink and help achieve your desired look.  

This ultra-modern technology is the finest way to give your wall prints a more decorated and illustrated look. They are classy, sophisticated, and the most elegant yet fancy way to frame your memories. 

Ever thought of how to go differently? Well, now you know your answer.



Most frequent questions and answers

Metal prints, also known as metal art prints or metal prints on aluminum, are a modern and unique way of displaying images or artwork. They involve printing the desired image onto a specially coated sheet of metal, typically aluminum, resulting in a vibrant, durable, and high-definition print.

The worth of metal art prints depends on personal preferences and the intended use. Metal prints offer several advantages, including their durability, sleek and contemporary appearance, vibrant colors, and resistance to fading. They are particularly suitable for modern or industrial-style interiors, as well as high-traffic areas where durability is essential.

A metal print is commonly referred to as a “metal printing” or “metal art print.” These terms are used interchangeably to describe the process of printing images or artwork onto metal surfaces, typically using aluminum as the medium. The image is infused into the metal through specialized printing techniques, resulting in a unique and visually striking display. Metal prints are known for their durability, vibrant colors, and modern aesthetic, making them a popular choice for showcasing photographs or artwork in a contemporary setting.

Metal prints are perfect for showcasing high-contrast photos or artwork with rich, deep colors, making them particularly suitable for nature or nighttime photography. They are an excellent choice for both outdoor settings and modern, sleek indoor environments. The stunning visuals offered by HD Metal Prints make them a must-have for art museum galleries, commercial art galleries, or luxury homes, where their vibrant and captivating display can truly shine.

The type of 3D printing used for metal is commonly known as “metal 3D printing” or “additive manufacturing with metal.” Metal 3D printing involves using various technologies to create three-dimensional objects from metal materials. Some popular metal 3D printing techniques include:
Selective Laser Melting (SLM): SLM uses a high-powered laser to selectively melt and fuse metal powders together, layer by layer, to create complex metal objects.
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS): DMLS is similar to SLM, where a laser is used to sinter metal powders to form solid metal parts with high precision and detail.
Electron Beam Melting (EBM): EBM utilizes an electron beam to melt and fuse metal powder, producing intricate metal components.

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