Glorify Your Walls with a Eye-Catching Wall Mural Let Your Imagination Awaken

How long will you stare down a plain wall that’s infinitely as boring as it can be? 

Not any more! Our leading creative art services business will create the perfect mural for your walls that will breathe life into the room and awaken your senses.

It’s all about the experience these days. People want to feel, be moved, and think of things that inspire them. That’s why we at Art Smiley create custom wall mural paintings for offices, business spaces, and other public areas like community parks, malls, villas, etc.

We’ll create a wall mural with the perfect theme and color hues that resonates with your interests. Want a powerful, glorious skyscraper theme or dark, lucid celestial theme, you name, we’ll do it for you. 

Trust us, a wall mural can change the whole feel and look of the room. It breathes positivity and stems innovation. So be it wall mural paintings for offices, hotels, kids bedrooms, it’s going to create a long lasting impact.

Most of our prestigious wall murals done in Abu Dhabi portray the Arab/Emirati culture to showcase the radiant glory of the cultural heritage of the country. 

“ People seldom think of a wall mural’s impact, but they don’t know they’re missing something crucial.”

Art Smiley Wall Murals will bring a smile to your face, one that lasts for years, that’s the recipe for our success. 

Memorable Photography Wall Murals

Do you want to accentuate your bedroom walls with your photographs or that of others and create a room aesthetic that breathes memories? Won’t it be just amazing to dive into those jaw-dropping experiences you had with a real, life-like photographic wall mural for your bedroom? Holla, our legacy wall mural painting company will spruce up your wall with creamy photography murals. 

Adorable Gypsum Wall Murals

A scarlet, blonde girl popping out of the walls or a mystic tree showering its grandeur across the walls of your room! Our masterful mural artists shape 3D wall murals by using gypsum that’s composed of plaster of paris and other substances mixed with glue to render a realistic outlook to the mural. Our custom gypsum wall mural painting for businesses can elevate the entire frontier of your rooms and radiate peace. 

Commissioned Wall Murals

Our wall mural painting services include commissioned artworks wherein we create wall murals that match with your exact requirements. Be it wall murals for kids room or wall murals for bedroom, we’ll craft the perfect wall mural of your dreams that creates a lasting impression. Having served the Dubai market for years, we know what it takes to satisfy our clients. 

Appealing Painted Wall Murals

If you wish to bring in fine detailing, texture, and clarity to your wall murals, then you must go for our premium handmade wall mural paintings where our artists will paint the custom mural on your wall. There’s nothing more natural than an original painting on the wall and we’ll glamorize your walls to ignite a spark on whoever sees the mural. 

Creative Wall Murals

A house-full of creativity awaits you if you want a wall mural that stands out in every dimension. We’ll use a variety of materials such as denim cloth, ceramics, and threads to create a modern wall mural for your bedroom. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity, think of 3D carved wall murals and we’ll do that too. 

Lively wall murals for homes:

Live the ultimate experience inside your home by decorating your walls with awe-inspiring murals. ArtSmiley, your trusted wall mural painting company, promises to enhance the visual outlook of your rooms by installing a wall mural in your bedroom that is capable of grabbing all eyes onto it. With a wall mural for the kids room consisting of cartoon characters, we’ll enlighten their mood. 

Refreshing wall murals for hospitals:

Creating a serene atmosphere inside the hospital is very important as it elevates the mood of the patients, the sick and the staff. Make your patients comfortable and stress-free by installing ArtSmiley’s nature landscape mural prints. Our wall mural painting services include crafting and installing live mural prints that will produce an instantaneous healing on your patients upon viewing. 

Stunning wall murals for hotels:

Light up the whole atmosphere inside your hotel by installing ArtSmiley’s creative wall murals. You can easily find a customizable wall mural that fits into the theme and style you’re looking for at ArtSmiley. Surround your guests with an immersive experience, one that will last for a lifetime.

Inspiring wall murals for offices:

Assure your employees a wonderful workplace by installing a wall mural that fits the motto and work culture of your business. ArtSmiley’s wall mural painting for offices have the potential to strike a conversation with the on-viewer. We provide end-to-end services, right from conceptualizing the theme, to executing the mural in your office. 

Cartoon wall murals for kids room:

The kids room is supposed to be filled with cartoons and animations that appeal to your child. At Art Smiley, we design custom kids bedroom wall murals by portraying cartoon characters and animations that best evoke their interests. Let your kids live their dream life by having their walls designed to their passion. 

Arousing wall murals for public places

Feature your public spaces with arousing wall murals that create an impact at all who glance at it. Portray wall murals branding the culture of Dubai with Arab and Emirati traditions embodied within them. Spread a message and create a food for thought through lively wall murals at all kinds of public places like malls, metro pillars, parks, etc.

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